General questions

Price List

I want to check your prices. How do I do That?
The easiest and most convenient way to get an up-to-date price of all our products is through the DW Pro-Max application.

If you haven't already done so, download our online ordering application, DW Pro-Max.

  1. Start the program then "Order"
    • Open the Category Tab you require.
    • The prices displayed are at the one-off print price.
    • By changing the "Qty" of products required the prices are displayed including any discounts.
    • Prices breaks are typically at 1, 2, 10, 50, and 100+
  2. Load a dummy image on the "Order" page,
  • Choose the Category Tab, eg '5mm foamcore'
  • Choose the Print Size eg '10x14
  • Choose the Variation eg 'Special Texture'
  • Choose the "Qty" you require to apply any discounts.
  • Press "Add to Cart". (below the image )
  • Then click "Shopping Cart" at the top right.
  • The total price and all the options chosen along with any additional costs are shown on this page.

Delivering Directly to your Client

Can I send my order directly to my client's address?
Yes. Many photographers (other labs and services) choose to send DW Pro-Max orders direct to their clients.

As a convenience, Digital Works can assist you through using the automated features of DW Pro-Max.

  • Simply check the 'HOLD INVOICE Send Direct to my Client' on the 'Shopping Cart' page.
  • Fill your clients delivery details. (Our automated delivery labeling system recognises and switches to the re-directed address.)
  • The invoice will be held at Digital Works and the Products will go directly to your client.
  • Leave your **Company/Name as your business (Personal) name for invoicing purposes.
    (**Assuming you have placed a prior order in your name and delivered to your billing address for invoicing purposes)
  • Do not expect our staff to remember previous orders or conversations..
  • When you place an order to go to yourself, request that invoices be sent with that order.
  • or have invoices posted as a batch every now and then, by emailing us stating the order numbers.

Combining Orders

Can I have multiple orders packaged together to save on Postage?
Yes you can.

For your convenience to save on freight charges, orders can be combined and packaged together.

There may be several reasons this is an advantage including dividing orders into more manageable sessions.

  • If you have made several orders and wish to have them sent together saving on freight,
    Check the 'Please Send With Previous Orders' check box located on the Shopping Cart page then enter the #Order number(s) supplied on the confirmation email.
  • Choose the same Delivery as your preious order(s) in case we unable to combine.
  • The freight costs will be adjusted to reflect the total combined weight charge. (These charges will be shown on the invoice packed with the returned order)
    *Please NOTE: Because confirmation and completed emails are automated they can not reflect the new/changed charges
  • Please be advised that Digital Works do not open orders placed after the 12 noon order cut-off.
  • An email would be advisable if orders span this cut-off time.
  • Quantity discounts are applied by the order session. Not the aggregate of the orders.
    *e.g. to get 100+ discount all orders must exceed 100 prints
  • This is an added no charge privilege service and as such Digital Works will not be held liable should we fail to fulfill these instructions.

Collecting your order from Digital Works

Can I collect my order at Digital Works?
Yes, of course you can.

  • Digital Works hours of business are from 9am to 5pm Business days.
    See also Public holidays
  • Please ensure you have received the "Completed" automated email informing you the order(s) are complete and ready for Pick-up
  • On collection, please ensure you have the Order Number(s) at hand ready for the reception staff.

Choosing your own Delivery / Courier service.

Can I arrange to have my DigitalWorks Pro-Online order by my own preferred service?You may arrange to have your order collected by your preferred delivery service.

Some clients have their own courier or would prefer to use a courier service used in the past and have come to trust.The following steps will allow you to do so:

  • In the " Add Special Instructions here" when on the "Shopping Cart" page
    request "Please prepare for my own courier to collect "
  • Fill in your Account Details as usual.
  • In the delivery 'Ship To:' options window choose "Pick-up from Digital Works "
  • Wait for the automated "Completed for Pick-up " email
  • Email us to ensure the order is packed ready for collection along with details of your courier service.
  • Call your courier to arrange for collection on confirmation your order is packed and ready.
    **Extra fees will be applied for packaging and labeling if required.

Payment Options

What Credit Cards are accepted?
Digital Works accepts Visa Card and Mastercard

I do not have a credit card, can I still order online?
Yes! Digital Works also accepts direct debit, email us at for more information. 

Security & Privacy

Is paying online with Digital Works Secure?
Yes! Your credit card details are encrypted with your order information and images and transferred through with high strength 128 bit encryption.. This means that your payment information is kept secure as it is being transferred to our server.

Are my details kept private?
Yes. No details are shared with any other parties - Ever!
Digital Works retains order information on our servers for reference only. Once orders have been received and continue to print, they are moved to offline printing systems and will be stored on premises for a few weeks in case there are any issues with the orders. Once orders have been closed for a few weeks, or if they are cancelled, all images are securely deleted.
Payment details that have been requested to be saved at Digital Works are stored on offline accounting computers and are never connected to the internet, ensuring the highest level of security.
All images and prints are considered highly confidential. Digital Works will only check prints for faults before dispatch, and they will never be shown to any other parties. The lab is considered off-limits to anyone aside from staff, ensuring the privacy and security of your images/prints.

We are always here to help with any queries. If you have any questions that have not been answered here, please email us at and our staff will get back to you as soon as possible.