Terms of trade

Acceptance of Terms:

By using Digital Works, Digital Works internet ordering software or Digital Works services, you agree to and acknowledge that you have read and accept the terms and conditions of service and that the general terms and conditions may be modified by Digital Works without notice.

Method of Contact:

Should there be a problem with completing your order, Digital Works will contact you exclusively by email. Should your email address be supplied incorrectly or is returned, no other method of contact will be employed. Order clarifications may delay completion.

For all enquiries, please Email digital@digitalworks.net.au

Email enquiries are answered in a timely manner and can be easily directed to the relevant department for response.

Because Emails are in writing the problem of misunderstandings commonly associated with verbal communications are also reduced. Emails can also be easily reviewed at a later date.

Credit Cards:

We use secure software to take online credit card payments over a 128 bit encrypted connection to ensure the security of credit card transactions.

We accept Visa and Master card. Your order will not proceed without a valid credit card transaction. Clients whose credit card payment have failed or are invalid will be notified by email (see method of contact) using the supplied email address at the start-up page of the program. Once the failed credit card details have been clarified, and a successful transaction has been concluded, the order will be placed in the following business days work queue.

Return Policy:

Should you receive a shipment that is defective or faulty contact must be made in the first instance by email within 48 hours of receipt providing the original order number, date of receipt and evidence of the damage/fault where upon we may be able to offer a solution. Should a solution not be possible, you must return the goods to Digital Works along with the relevant return authorisation number, description and position of the fault/defect along with the goods. Upon return of the goods Digital Works will assess the product and should we find the product defect caused at or by Digital Works, we will, at our discretion, decide upon one or more of the following.

4)Request the image be re-submitted
5)Refund the value of the goods returned

Return of goods is the responsibility of the sender. Digital Works will not be held responsible for any loss or damage caused during return freight.

Digital Works will not accept returns without prior authorisation. Return authorisations are valid for (7) seven days from date of issue.

Digital Works will dispose of returned product should the goods be replaced, exchanged or refunded.

Order Cut-off:

Digital Works operates to a strict timetable. All service times relates to orders which are fully downloaded at Digital Works or delivered prior to 12 noon business days only and workload permitting. Orders received after the 12-noon cut-off will fall into the next business days work schedule. Services may experience extra delays during peak times. E.g. Mothers day, Fathers day, Holidays and Christmas. Specials and promotional products are not treated as priority and may incur extra delays due to higher volumes. All times stated are AEST.

Change or Cancellation of Order:

Digital Works ordering software is an automated process therefore once orders are placed, Digital Works cannot change print size, quantity, surface or service chosen. If an order has been made in error, needs to be amended or changed, contact Digital Works immediately by email to have the order cancelled. Provided the order has not commenced we will endeavor to cancel the order. *Pressing Cancel within the program cancels the current internet order sitting immediately and completely.

Adding to Order:

For your convenience to save on freight charges, orders can be combined and packaged together, however clear instruction must be provided by you indicating the order numbers which are to be added together on the details page of the program. (Please be advised that Digital Works do not open orders placed after the 12-noon order cut-off. In addition to the instructions within the program, an email would also be advisable if orders span this cut-off time.) This is an added no charge privilege service and as such Digital Works will not be held liable should we fail to fulfill these instructions. (See Freight below)

Change of Address Details:

Digital Works order fulfillment software is an automated process. Address details are automatically printed onto freight labels directly from the details supplied within the program. Should you wish to change the address details the label must be hand typed therefore a $5 charge will be applied to your credit card for this added service. To avoid this fee the order can be cancelled and re-uploaded with the correct details. (See Change or Cancellation above)


All freight charges will be paid by the purchaser unless Digital Works has mis-shipped products. As freight is beyond our control, liability for the product passes from Digital Works to you the purchaser once the goods leave our premises. Please also see Transit Cover. Digital Works will not be held responsible for any loss, damage or delays caused by freighting companies, consequential or otherwise. Digital Works reserves the right to change the delivery method and/or freighting company as it sees fit and without notice.


All prices quoted are GST inclusive. Prices quoted are subject to change without notice. Any savings shown in promotions or specials are an estimation derived from the regular single product price and are offered in good faith as a guide to savings. As such, errors in prices quotes or calculations shall not be excepted as an issue of contention.


All Service times, products, prices, specials and promotional products are supplied in good faith and are subject to supplier availability at the time of purchase. A failure of a supplier to deliver items or any other unintentional cause, may delay the product or result in product line(s) being temporarily or permanently unavailable. Digital Works retains the right to supply a comparable product or service without notice. Service times are quoted as an indication only and are subject to a variable and unpredictable workload. Digital Works will not be held responsible for any loss or failure to meet imposed deadlines or schedules whether stated, expressed or implied.

Continuity of Orders:

Service times are compounding and will extend order completion with each additional service by the product(s) service time(s) contained within that order. An order may not be separated or divided. If requiring (e.g. "Prints Only" to be returned earlier than another service), it is therefore to your advantage to separate services prior to placing orders by upload through separate internet ordering sittings.

Additional Services:

Digital Works order fulfillment software is a direct output service. Where an adjustment or additional service is requested, the order must be removed from the regular workflow. Should an image require inspection, adjustment, retouching, correction, trimming or manipulation, extra charges will be imposed. Additional services may delay or extend order completion.