5 Foam-core is a very light 'Frame-Ready' substrate making possible the latest trend of glassless framing, where strong wall hanging devices are no longer necessary thereby allowing the advantage of being able to suspend your finished artwork with little more than the use of such wall hanging aids as “3M Command *™ ” removable picture hooks or even Velcro *™ pads. Without glass the problem of weight is not only reduced considerably but also the problem of broken glass, should the frame fall of the wall for instance, is prevented.

10mm Foam-core is a thicker 'Frame-Ready' product, which is also light weight but with extra rigidity making it perfect to display as is using Velcro dots or 3M command strips.

20mm Foam-core is a finished product, complete with edging and a hanging solution on the rear, making it ready to hang upon receipt.

All print mounting options include the print, a choice of protective overlays and substrate. 20mm Foam-core also includes extras such as edging and a hanger on the rear.

Note; Similar to framing, allow an extra 5-7mm bleed around the edge of your images for edge trimming.

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