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From simple copy and print to colour cast removal, to extreme print restoration of torn, stained and damaged Black & White or colour originals, and colourization, Digital Works can do it all with that professional service for which Digital Works is both trusted and renowned.

Digital Works being the professional photographic printing lab of choice, you can be assured of not only the highest quality restoration, but also the highest quality professional photographic printing available today, using Kodak Professional Supra Endura photographic papers (not inkjet) with the added benefit of 200 year archival quality.


High quality digital scans is a pre-requisite to professional quality without damaging your family or genealogy originals. High speed scanning and printing in house equates to lower overall cost to bringing your history back to life sooner.

Restoration Example Costs

Restoration costs are dependant upon the complexity of work required. For ease of costing we have divided these complexities into 4 categories; Minor, Moderate, Major and Extreme.
Digital Works can digitally restore, enhance and adjust even the most forlorn photo originals attempting always to retain the original content where possible.

$15 (Minor)
Good condition
$30 (Moderate)
Fair condition
$50 (Major)
Poor condition
Extremely poor
  • Minimal Retouch
  • Features slightly damaged
  • Damaged or missing features
  • Damaged or missing features
  • Small Stains
  • Unimportant areas damaged/partly missing
  • Parts of features scratched
  • Parts of features torn or missing
  • Small Scratches
  • Moderate scratches and stains
  • Many stains and scratches minor silvering
  • Very stained and scratched and silvering
  • Small Paper Tears on background
  • Moderate Paper Tears on background
  • Tears through features
  • Many tears through background and features
  • Tonal Adjustment Brightness/Contrast
  • Moderate Tonal Adjustment
  • Heavy Tonal Adjustment
  • Heavy Tonal Adjustment
*Prices subject to change without notice. E&OE

*Example restoration prices include scanning of original print to A3 size at print resolution but does not include stitching or printing costs. Prints can be made of the completed restoration at smaller, equal, or larger sizes than the original.

Professional Equipment

Professional restoration requires professional scanning equipment. Being able to scan at high speed from originals up to 12" x 17" (A3+) in size at a colour depth of 48 bit and 4.0 colour depth with an optical resolution of up to 6400x3200 dpi in a single pass cuts time spent in handling and scanning your original photo, and at the same time ensures the highest possible detail of your original print. Originals larger than A3+ can also be scanned in sections and seamlessly stitched together.

No Middle Man

With no middle man involved for printing as is the case with many other restoration services, Digital Works offers the added bonus of low cost printing of your precious memories and speedy return of finished product and original.

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Under current copyright laws, a person may own copyright and hold exclusive rights over the copying, digitizing, scanning, faxing, transmitting, printing of a "work" or artwork, whether copied or reproduced in part or in full. Copyright may exist for such things as photographs, images, books, newspapers, greeting cards, brochures, magazines, designs, digital material, cheques, documents, plans, scores, currency, instructions manuals, sketches, drawings and logos. Copyright protection over many types of works are held by the copyright owner until 50 years after the year that the author(s) died however the copyright may still exist if the work has been re-published. If you did not create the material to be copied, you should look for ownership of copyright which may be identified by the copyright symbol © and the date of creation, or notice of copyright ownership which, in the case of a photograph may be posted on the reverse side of the print. Copyright may exist even if there appears to be no formal notice of copyright on the work.
If you illegally copy a work without obtaining the copyright owner's permission, the copyright owner may be within their rights to sue you. It is therefore your responsibility to ensure you have the right to have copies or reproductions made of any material.
For further information about copyright please contact;
The Australian Copyright Council
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Please note these are guidelines only and do not constitute legal advice.

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