Wide Format Image prograf prints

Direct Output Image Pro-Graf Prints

If you are looking for large format super high 'Photographic Arts' quality prints super fast, which don't cost the earth, take a look at our Image Pro-Graf wide format printing system.

These are direct output wide format inkjet prints (up to 60" wide) of outstanding quality using a unique 12-ink dual high density print head system combined with the highest quality Lucia pigment inks for long life UV and water resistant prints, available on a variety of media.

The profiled images when printed through this machine are a perfect match to our photographic printing machine.

Uses include; Huge Posters, Banners, Bill Boards, Panoramas, Signs, Survey Plans, Charts, Project Plans, Digital Wall Paper, and many more on media such as Matt, Satin, Gloss, Canvas, Self Adhesive Polypropylene, Backlit and clear Transparent Film.

No corrections or alterations are applied other than profiling. ICC profiling is generated through Monaco/Xrite spectrophotometer professional system, ensuring the highest possible colour accurate profiles, designed to closely simulate the way the human eye sees colour.

Please Note: ProGraf prints may include a 5mm border.
Metallic is not available in ProGraf prints

ProGraf printing may be ordered through "DigitalWorks Pro-Direct" software or by CD (DvD)

Cd Orders must be accompanied with a printed Cd Order Form Click here

Add 10% if ordered from CD (DvD)
Finish Lustre Matte/Lustre
Product Description Sihl Studio
PE 300
90Year archival premium quality Professional. Brilliant colour reproduction which looks and feels like real photographic paper.
Kodak 90 year archival high quality Photo-grade paper. Can also be overlayed with special texture lustre up to 40x60. Brilliant colour reproduction which looks and feels like real photographic paper.
Widths Available 24" 24" 36" 42" 60"
24x24 (61x61cm) $51.56 $33.52
24x30 (61x76cm) $64.45 $41.90
24x33 (61x84cm) A1 $70.89 $46.08
30x30 (76x76cm) n/a $62.84
30x36 (76x91cm) n/a $62.84
30x40 (76x101cm) n/a $69.83
33x47 (84x119cm) -A0 n/a $98.45
36x40 (91x101cm) n/a $83.79
36x55 (91x139cm) n/a $115.21
40x40 (101x101cm) n/a $97.76
40x60 (101x152cm) n/a $146.63
60x60 (152x152cm) n/a $209.48
60x90 (152x228cm) n/a $314.21
*Prices subject to change without notice. E&OE

CD (DvD)Setup For Printing


Do not mix jpg and tiff with the same file name. Our image server converts images to precise pixel maps which are similar to untagged tiff files (.ppm). As a result of this conversion a previous image with the same file name will be over-written.

Colour Space

1. See also Colour space

Example Folders2. Folders should indicate the final print size in inches and print quantity if more than one print per image is required. (see example to the left shown here in windows classic view)
Indicate Material to be used if files are to be printed on Polyester surface by writing Poly on the folder like this '30x40 Poly ' (190gsm Lusre is assumed otherwise).

Indicate backlit display material on folders like this '30x40 Backlit and Indicate Window display material on folders like this '30x40 Window
To indicate if more than one print of each image is required, do so like this '30x40_by3 on the folder.
You can also indicate different combinations like this '30x40 Window_by5' ('30x40' being the print size, on 'Window display material' and '5' prints of each image. to be printed)
(A good house keeping policy is type the shorter size first, eg 5x7 not 7x5)

3. Image file names can be as you wish BUT
Avoid illegal characters in the file name such as     * ! ? # % \ | / " < > : ' . ,

4. Images which fail to load, in the wrong colour space, wrong Mode, wrong bit size, etc. will either be printed as is or will be returned uncompleted. We do not check images prior to printing unless requested. Minimum file opening fee of $5 will apply.
*Please note: cmyk, greyscale, and 16 bits per channel can cause our machine to crash. We then need to search for the problem file to discover what caused the crash and re-initialise the machine costing 20 minutes downtime. These image files may incur the $5 minimum file opening fee.

Additional Notes:

DO NOT SUBMIT FILES IN GRAYSCALE    (Greyscale is not a valid RGB image format.) see colour space
Hint: To convert an image to B&W use desaturate. Desaturate maintains the full 8 bits over 3 channels while Greyscale is a single 8 bit channel.

How to Complete the CD (DvD) order form
**Make sure your printer is set to A4 and "Fit to Page" prior to loading the Order form.
1)Choose your desired freight option.
2)Fill in your details.
3)Fill the Credit Card Details.
4)Select output type.
5)Select a paper surface from the drop down list.
6)Type in print quantities.
7)Print one (1) copy of the form for us to keep and another if you require one to be returned with the completed order. (The form has been formatted to fit an A4 page.)
8)Print or save copies for your own records if required.
9)Send the printed copy with the completed Cd (DvD).
Ensure your email address is correct. If we need to contact you we will do so by Email only. Example Order

Extracting Prints from Tubes with Bubble Wrap

Inspect the tube for damage upon receipt
(The prints are packed free of damage at the time of despatch from Digital Works)
How to extract prints from tubes
On a large clean dry flat surface, (1) CAREFULLY remove the taped bubble wrapped ends from the tube then (2) slide bubble wrapped prints from the tube. (3) Gently bring the bubble wrap out of both ends of the prints, then without crushing the prints (4) holding the rolled prints, CAREFULLY remove the two packing tapes from the bubble wrap. (5) Releasing the prints will allow them to expand without damage.

Cd Orders must be accompanied with a printed Cd Order Form Click here
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