Fine Art Print Canvasing
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Fine Art Canvasing

Using emulsion transfer is the canvasing method of choice for professional photographers and graphic designers alike.

Preferring to use the genuine method of emulsion transfer, Digital Works provides a truly professional looking canvased print on premium quality super white artist’s canvas imparting a luxurious Lustre or Satin finish.

Photographic Print Transfer for Reliable Results

By using an original photographic print, the finished result holds the original qualities of the photographic print with no surprises. Choice of two moisture stable heat overlay finishes are available;
Lustre (semi-gloss) reduced reflections and glare and closely replicates a fine “oil painting” look
Satin (matte) Finish imparting a softer, reduced gloss finish.
Both have the added advantage of protecting your canvas print surface from moisture, UV and minor accidental damage, which unlike inkjet canvas prints, will not crack, run, or flake over time.

A Long Lasting Pleasure

By transferring from real Kodak Professional Supra Endura silver halide photographic papers upto 20" width (50.8cm) which makes possible Metallic canvas, choosing not to use the latest, recent trend of ink-jet printing, ensures the final result is the very finest a canvas print can be bar none, and with the dual advantage of applying the long lasting protection with the longest lasting photographic paper available today, your image will be a fine art masterpiece which, by design, will last for many generations. (Canvases over 20" width are produced on our Image Pro-Graph printer and are overlay protected with either Lustre or Satin overlay finish. The same protection as Photographic emulsion transfer canvases.)


The canvas is prepared and stretched onto a supporting stretcher bar with a profile of either 28mm or 20mm with your choice of print wrapping around the sides of the stretcher frame (Gallery Wrap) ready to hang on the wall, or if you like, edge-to-edge (No Wrap) (ready for a custom external frame or hanging on the wall with the profile being white canvas.) Both are prepared with wall hanging cords.
(20mm profile with Gallery Wrap, is currently the most popular canvas request)

(Note: If choosing Gallery Wrap, please ensure sufficient room around the subject matter for the image to wrap around the profile of the stretcher bar. Pro-Max software shows the approximate amount of image required for the canvas wrap. The final face size of a Gallery Wrapped canvas will be reduced by the stretcher profile.)

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