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Online Web Hosting Service
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Photographers Administration Module (PAM)

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Photographers may enter here to administer to their personal web pages hosted by Digital Works.

Once into your Administration you can change prices, contact details, frieght etc

Click here to Log-in to Pam

Online Web Image Hosting Service Overview

Digital Works hosts a high speed, easy to use, and efficient online ordering system, whereby YOUR clients may order prints from your image files held on our server. Digital Works will then fulfil the order and send the prints direct to your client, streamlining your workflow and taking the pain out of order fulfillment. No more need to search for files or films!

Your ready to print images are uploaded from your CD, DvD to our server.
Your clients can then enter the site in Four ways.

1) From your web site. (we supply a "ready to run" page which connects direct from your site to your clients pages, ready for your web designer to incorporate.
2) Once a collection of image are made live, a direct link to the collection is available to email to your clients.
3) The same link can be applied to your internet site allowing direct linking to each of your collection of images.
4) Through "Digital Works" web site by selecting "Client Login" and choosing the Photographer then entering a PIN number which you make-up.

Costs are currently $265 per year for site administration costs.
and $2.65 for batches of 40 images upload or part there-of with no limit to the amount of images you may have uploaded.

You are able to administer to your personal site setting prices, freight options, rotating images and setting order, PINs etc, check sales through the inbuilt reports manager and more, all done from your own internet connected computer.

Prints are usually produced within two business days and Express Posted direct to your Client saving you heaps of time.

It is an excellent program useful to Wedding, Portrait and Event photographers.

Digital Works
Online Photographic Service Provider
"Digital printing doesn't get any better than this"

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