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Explanations of Responses from servers and Order Progress below


Order History Tracking
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Explanations of Responses from servers and Order Progress
During Order and Image Uploads
Communication Explanation
Pending Payment Waiting for response from iSec secure site indicating Credit Card Details have been completed
Pending Uploads Order/Payment details successful. Awaiting image(s) to be uploaded to remote server
Ready for Processing Order/Images have been uploaded successfully. Ready for transfer to Local server
Images being fetched by Communicator Images are being downloaded to Local Image Server
All images fetched by Communicator Order/Images has been successfully downloaded to Local Image Server
One or more images could not be downloaded Possible problem image(s) or uploads and could not be prepared for printing
One or more images could not be unpacked Possible problem with image preparation or uploads. Check (RGB, 8 Bit/Ch etc)
Order Progress
Status Explanation
New Order Order Received ready for Collection but has not been opened or processed yet
COLLECTED Images have been transferred to the printing queue
Order COMPLETED Order has been completed and is ready for Pickup or Delivery
COMPLETED for → "Express Post", "FastWay", "Pickup" Order has been completed and packed ready for your nominated delivery method
Metallic (waiting) Order has Metallic print(s) Order will be printed on the next Metallic printing day
MOUNTING (waiting) Order has progressed to Mounting, Finishing or Canvassing Department
Quality Control Mounting, Finishing, Canvas Order has progressed to QC prior to packaging and completion
Colour Correct Order has been removed from the printing queue for Colour Correcting request
Retouching Order has been removed from the printing queue for Retouching requests
Contact Client Order needs to be clarified and is waiting for an email to be drafted
Waiting Email Reply An Email has been sent regarding this order and is held pending an "email reply" response from you
Cancelled At your request (by phone or email) this order was cancelled
Declined Credit Card An attempt has been made to process your credit card but has failed, was declined or not valid. Email Sent
Client Pressed Cancel The Cancel button has been pressed and the order has been completely cancelled. (We can UN-Cancel at your request)
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