Passport photos .


Passport Photos

Although a business cannot be expected to make a significant income from passport photos in themselves, they can be used as a good source of prospective clients.

Try approaching travel agencies for referrals. You may be surprised by the amount of clients who would like a portrait style passport photo rather than the average polaroid mug shot.

How to prepare a passport for printing through Digital Works Direct.

To achieve a passport which is acceptable to the Australian passport requirements, follow these guidelines in association with the passport photo requirements supplied by the Australian Governments, "Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade" guide available via this link

Basic Requirements
Subject: Head should be straight (vertical), Looking forward, Eyes open, Neutral expression, Full face visible, No sunglasses, No hats, caps or scarves and no flash reflections on face and No dark shadows.
Background: Must be even, No shadows, can have light colour eg light blue, light green, light grey or white.
Overall: Sharp, Good skin tone, Good Exposure, Centred. Prescription glasses can be warn however no reflections and eyes must fully be visible through them with no tint.

Making a Template
Open a New document < File > < New >1.4 x 1.8 inches @ 200dpi (ppi) in Adobe Photoshop.
With the Move tool selected and Rulers on (View, Rulers checked or Ctrl+R) and set to mm (Edit, Preferences, Units & Rulers )
Move a Guide line from the top ruler, down to the 5mm mark. This is the Top Of Head Marker.
Take another Guide line from the top ruler to 10mm. This is the forehead marker.
Drag another Guide line to 38mm This is the bottom of chin guide. (Refer to sample below)
Lock the Guides (View, Lock Guides)

Make a duplicate Background Layer.
Stroke (Edit, Stroke) using black as the color with a width of 30px, Location Centre, Blend mode normal. This is the oversizing (bleed) needed for printing.
Use the magic wand to select the white area then Cut (Ctrl + X)
Save this as your basic passport template.

Using the Template
Place your Portrait image behind the background copy layer and size the portrait using the Free Transform tool in the Edit menu, to suit within the guide lines.
Holding down the shift key will maintain the image proportions while re-sizing.
When ready remove all guides, choose View > Clear Guides.
Flatten and save as a Jpg (Quality Level 12)

Placing the Order
Open DigitalWorks Direct to place the order using the "Australian Passport (4up)" as the print size.
The passport will be automatically printed as 4 passports on one sheet of paper and will look similar to the sample at the top of this page.

Photoshop Passport.


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