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These topics address the Contact Details and Payment steps for DigitalWorks Pro-Max

    1. Payment Options
    2. Payment Step Freezes/Hangs
      • DigitalWorks Pro-Max wont proceed to the Next step
    3. Security & Privacy
      • Is paying online secure
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Payment Options

What Credit Cards are accepted?

Digital Works accepts Visa Card and Mastercard

I do not have a credit card, can I still order online?

Digital Works apologises but online orders cannot be accepted without valid credit card payments.

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Pre-Authorising Credit Cards

I do not want to enter my credit card details every time I order.
Can I have my credit card details saved for future online Orders?

There are two methods available:
To save the credit card details at your computer for future orders,

On the 'Your Credit Information' window, check the "Check this box to store this credit card on your computer for use with future orders".
Once checked this will fill the details automatically except for the CVV code.

Digital Works can also hold your credit card details on our invoicing computer so the details do not need to be transmitted with each order.

  • At least one order must be submitted to activate.
  • This order must contain your delivery address on the 'Account Details' window and the Credit Card details on the 'Credit Card Information:' window .
  • To activate this facility simply check the "I authorise DW to Save/Update CrCard Details" on the shopping cart page.
  • For subsequent orders, simply check “Use my Pre-Authorised Credit Card Details ” on the ' Pay Via: ' page, to skip the CC information page.
  • Do not check "I authorise DW to Save/Update CrCard Details" again unless requested or your CC details change.

Please Note: Your email address is used to reference your invoicing CC details. If you change your email address you must re-authorise again

How do I notify Digital Works of changes to my Pre-Authorised credit card details?
  • Check the “I authorise DW to Save/Update CrCard Details” on the Shopping Cart page. 
  • On the Pay Via: pane check the“Credit Card Payment ” option.
  • Press next to enter your new details into the appropriate fields. We will then update your saved details
  • Please Note Orders will not proceed without a valid payment.

NB: Failure to notify changes to your card details may delay your order.s

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Will Not Move To The Next Step

Why aren't my card details being accepted?

This type of issue is often due to the credit card validation features of Digital Work Pro-Maxt. Please double check the following:

  • Credit Card Type is a Visa or Mastercard
  • All fields have been entered.
  • The card number contains the correct number of digits.
  • The security code for your card has the correct number of digits.
    For Example, 3 digits for Visa card.
  • The details do not contain invalid characters, such as dash (-), hash (#).
    Letters(abc...) are also invalid when entered in the card number.

Security & Privacy

Is paying online Secure?

Your credit card details are transferred through SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) with high strength 128 bit encryption using the cryptographic system RC4. This means that your payment information is kept secure as it is being transferred to our server.

See Also: External links for SSL & RC4 for more information:
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